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Why is My Orthodontist in Richardson Making Me Wear Retainers?

June 9, 2018

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woman with retainer and clear alignerIf you’re dealing with misaligned, crooked, gapped or crowded teeth, then you’re suffering from a loss of function and a less appealing smile. Thankfully, your orthodontist in Richardson can remedy that by fitting you with custom-made Invisalign aligners. You’re wondering, though, why you need to wear retainers after the treatment process is done. “Shouldn’t the clear trays be good enough?” You wonder. Read on to get the answers you need.


Why Are Your Gums Sensitive After Teeth Whitening in Richardson?

May 23, 2018

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Woman putting in whitening traysDid you know that the ancient Egyptians used a mixture of vinegar and pumice stone to remove stains and whiten their teeth? It’s not surprising that they found rudimentary ways to whiten, since a brighter smile makes anyone look younger and more attractive – regardless of what time or place they live in!

Thankfully, we have very different (not to mention more effective) methods for teeth whitening in Richardson today. But if you’ve recently whitened your teeth, you may have experienced a common side effect: sensitive gums. So, what causes this sensitivity and what can you do about it? Keep reading to find out!


Your Emergency Dentist Explains 4 Types of Tooth Pain

May 2, 2018

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dental patient with toothacheToothaches are terrible, but what exactly is a toothache? It is a vague term that encompasses any sort of pain in or around a tooth; it isn’t an official diagnosis, and it doesn’t describe the issue behind the discomfort. Specifics are important if you want to resolve your problem in the best way possible! That’s why your emergency dentist in Richardson is here to talk about four different types of pain that constitute a toothache and what they might mean.


Your Orthodontist in Richardson: Your Child’s Diet with Braces

April 13, 2018

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A child wearing braces.Now that your child has just started their orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist in Richardson probably mentioned which foods they should avoid to prevent an orthodontic emergency from occurring. While it first it can be tough to make these changes, it’s worth it for your child. Eating the wrong foods while wearing braces could cause significant interruptions or damaged dental hardware.

To make the process easier, here are some foods to avoid as well as foods to include more often in your child’s diet.


Your Dentist in Richardson Explains How Hygienists Can Help

April 2, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcoughlin @ 5:36 pm

A woman at her dental exam.While your hygienist may not have their doctorate degree, it doesn’t mean they aren’t helpful when it comes to your oral health. Hygienists go through many years of schooling that makes them incredibly knowledgeable on several dental topics. Whether it’s the best ways to practice oral care at home, knowing which foods are great for oral health, or finding ways to reduce surface stains, your hygienist can answer it.

Before you speak with your dentist in Richardson, give your hygienist a chance to provide some valuable dental knowledge. Here are five questions to get you started.


Are Cavities Painful? Your Dentist in Richardson Says Not Always!

March 23, 2018

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A woman holding the side of her face in painPain, unpleasant as it is, is really our body’s way of telling us there’s something wrong and to take care of it as soon as possible. It’s an early warning system of sorts, without which we would risk serious injury. For example, just think of how quickly you move your hand away from a hot stove!

But what about cavities – do they always hurt? If not, how can we know when to treat them? As a dentist in Richardson, we’ll explain why pain isn’t always a reliable indicator of decay. We’ll also tell you the best way to know if you actually have cavities or not so that you can treat them as soon as possible.


An Orthodontist in Richardson Discusses Your Child’s Treatment

March 1, 2018

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A pre-teen with braces making a heart sign with her handsOh, the highs and lows of adolescence! Along with the excitement that goes with the first taste of independence comes a not-so-exciting rite of passage: orthodontics. If your pre-teen or teen is like most kids their age, they have a less-than-perfect smile and need to have their teeth straightened. But which option is the best – Invisalign or braces? And what are the main differences between them? As an orthodontist in Richardson, we’ll answer that question and also explain how to help your child have a great experience during the orthodontic process.


Your Toothbrush Must Go – Your Dentist of Richardson Explains Why

February 10, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — drcoughlin @ 9:45 pm

clear toothbrush with toothpaste on itHas the era of the toothbrush passed? Of course not! It’s still one of the best tools available to fight against the harmful agents that seek to cause havoc to your mouth, teeth and gums. There is a time and place for everything to be used, though. That means that given that there’s a flu epidemic going on around the country, it’s especially important that you realize when your toothbrush should be “put out to pasture.” Otherwise, you’ll be setting yourself up for problems. As you continue reading your dentist of Richardson will explain how to determine the right time to toss your toothbrush and other ways to prevent dental maladies.


Dentist of Richardson Says Show Your Teeth Some Love with Veggies

February 2, 2018

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beautiful basket of multi-colored vegetablesSure, you’ve heard a million times that eating more vegetables is great for your overall health or even for getting into better shape. But did you know that it also holds amazing benefits for your oral health? Well as it turns out, there are a host of vital nutrients found packed inside of vegetables just waiting for you to take advantage of. As you continue reading your dentist of Richardson will go more in depth about how they can impact your mouth, teeth and gums.


Your Dentist in Richardson Says Over-Brushing Makes Gums Recede

January 8, 2018

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A set of healthy gums.You might think that the more pressure you apply to your teeth and gums while brushing, the cleaner they will get. Unfortunately, not only is this an ineffective method to oral care, it can actually do more harm than good. Brushing too hard can cause your gums to recede, exposing your teeth to more bacteria.

That’s why your dentist in Richardson is ready to set the record straight. Today, you’ll learn the proper ways to maintain the health of your teeth and gums and why you should avoid brushing too aggressively.


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