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Caring for Traditional Braces – Richardson, TX

Basic Care for Successful Straightening Treatment

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For many years, traditional metal braces have proven over and over again to be an effective method of achieving a straight smile, but they won’t do much good if you don’t take care of them. If you or your child is addressing a crooked smile with traditional braces, make sure you follow the instructions that Dr. Coughlin provides. In the end, caring for your braces will only help you enjoy the perfectly aligned, beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted.

What can happen if I don’t care for my braces?

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Traditional braces are beneficial because you don’t have to worry about losing or misplacing them—unlike with Invisalign clear alignment trays. However, if you don’t following instructions or fail to care for your braces, you run the risk of experiencing an orthodontic emergency. A bracket could come off your tooth or the wires can break, in which case you’d need to come into our Richardson office for immediate repairs. During treatment, you also need to care for your teeth; if you don’t, they could be noticeably stained or decayed after the brackets are removed.

How should I care for my braces?

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There are certain things you should do while you have metal braces on your teeth to ensure successful treatment. Below are just some of the main ideas to keep in mind.

Attend Your Appointments

If you don’t come to your adjustment appointments, your treatment time will be extended. These visits are also opportunities to ask Dr. Coughlin any questions you may have and address your concerns.

Brush Properly

On the inside and chewing surfaces of your teeth, your brushing routine will remain the same. However, brushing the front of your teeth involves a few additional steps when you have metal braces. Make sure you use a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Start by angling the brush at 45 degrees at the gum line and gently scrub. Then, angle the toothbrush down and brush the top portion of the metal brackets. Afterward, reposition the toothbrush and brush the bottom of the brackets. You may want to use interdental brushes to help clean the sides of the brackets.

Be Sure to Floss

While flossing is important to maintain during orthodontic treatment, the wires can make the process a little cumbersome at first. Dr. Coughlin may recommend floss threaders to make flossing easier. Either way, stick with this crucial habit to ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy during and after treatment.

Avoid Certain Foods

Although the metal brackets are securely adhered to your teeth, they are not indestructible. Hard, sticky, or chewy foods can cause your brackets to break off, wires to pop out, or other orthodontic emergencies. Therefore, you need to steer clear of these foods during treatment to ensure that you stay on track with your straightening goals. Below are just some examples of the foods you should avoid:

For more instructions on how to care for your braces, feel free to contact our team at Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics. We’ll be happy to help you however we can!

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